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Club Fitting

& Technology

From FlightScope to 4-camera video analysis, The Golf Academy has all the latest technology to help you improve your golf game and find the right equipment.


Better fit. Better game.

As one of only three Certified Advanced Titleist Fitting facilities in Northern California, The Golf Academy specializes in club fitting. Improve your golf game with a custom club fitting session. Let us evaluate your equipment with sizing recommendations and top of the line selection. When your clubs fit your physique and swing, you’ll play your best. For that reason, club fitting is an integral part of our performance formula, and a professional club fitting is a must before you invest in a new set of clubs.

Tools For Excellence

The Golf Academy has invested thousands of dollars on technology for one simple reason: to accurately evaluate your golf game. Before making any suggestions, for we want to know that we are basing our instruction on clear irrefutable facts, not opinions. Using our state-of-the-art technology and resources, we are able improve your swing technique and to determine if your equipment is the best for you.

Driver Fitting

Isn’t it about time you benefited from the latest launch monitor technology that until now has been reserved only for the elite players of the world? With the right driver specifications you can optimize your launch conditions so you’ll maximize your driving distance just like the Tour Pros.

Iron Fitting

Most people don’t realize that playing with incorrectly fit equipment leads to inconsistency and poor ball flight while creating automatic and unwanted swing compensations. During the fitting, we'll focus on shaft length, flex and type in addition to the grip size and lie angle.

Wedge Fitting

The goal of a wedge fitting is to provide the best combination of wedges to optimize short game performance and yardage gaps necessary for lowering scores. There are two primary swing styles that will determine which wedge variables are best for the player's short game technique.

Long-Game Fitting

The benefit of a long game fitting is to provide the correct combination of fairway woods, utility clubs (hybrids) and long irons that produce playable trajectories and preferred yardage gaps. The fitter will look for areas of opportunity to improve the long game and any yardages that cause a golfer difficulty.


Technology is a powerful teaching tool, especially in the hands of an experienced and talented instructor.
No gimmicks, no band-aid fixes – just pure science and knowledge give you a solid foundation for rapid improvement.


FlightScope, the world’s first ever 3D Doppler Radar launch monitor, tracks a ball’s entire trajectory and instantly displays 15 ball data parameters for analysis. From launch angle to ball speed and spin rate, this is the perfect tool to fit you for a new driver, chart your club yardages, or perform a full game evaluation!


Our video capture bay allows you to hit balls from indoors to out, so that we can link golf swing characteristics directly to ball flight results. Once your swing is captured on our 4-camera system, both you and your Golf Academy instructor can evaluate your golf swing using visual enhancements such as lines, circles and angles.


Another modern weapon in our teaching arsenal is the TOMI Putting Lab. It provides scientifically accurate feedback on nine key parameters of the putting stroke. The information gathered by TOMI not only allows your instructor to formulate a clear picture of your stroke, but can help us fit a putter to your stroke tendencies.

Book An Appointment

To book a club fitting or lesson using our technology, contact the Golf Academy at (530) 550-2670.