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Keith Lyford

Over the last 30 years, Keith Lyford has helped thousands of golfers improve their golf game through his unique philosophy on the swing and personalized attention to detail with his students.



Learn from Golf Magazine’s “Top 100” Instructor.


The Golf Academy is proud to have one of the nation’s top instructors, Keith Lyford, at its helm. Keith started his teaching career at the Arnold Palmer Junior Academy. Since then, he has been the director of several major golf schools such as the Stratton Golf School, the Cranwell Golf School, the Golf Digest School and Harmon Golf School. As the Director of Instruction at Old Greenwood, Keith continues to help golfers swing better, score lower, and enjoy the game more.

In addition to being one of the nation’s top instructors, Keith is an outstanding player. As a former PGA Tour player, he is in rare company as both an accomplished player and teacher. Keith breaks the old adage that if you can’t play, you teach.


At The Golf Academy, we know that golfers want to start hitting more quality shots and posting lower scores. That’s why we have designed a performance-based curriculum. We will build your game, your understanding and your confidence so that you can produce immediate and lasting results. Results you can see on the scorecard.

We start by evaluating each golfer’s game to determine their strengths and weaknesses. Then a complete improvement plan is customized to the needs of each individual. And we take the time to get your input, so that we’re sure the game improvement plan makes sense to you and your commitment level.