Fly Fishing

Brown, cutthroat or rainbow. Whichever you prefer, there's no denying that Truckee is a trout haven.


It's easy to get hooked.

Try your hand at angling on the on-site pond or one of the local waterways. Located near the Truckee River, Pyramid Lake and Prosser Reservoir, Tahoe Mountain Club is an experienced angler's paradise with some of California's most pristine fly fishing destinations only a few minutes away. New to the sport? Our on-site pond is fully stocked with hungry Rainbow Trout and clinics are offered throughout the summer m4onths.

Come learn the fundamentals of fly casting from your experienced Club angler. Clinics are available all summer .


Tackle the art of fly fishing.

Come learn the fundamentals of fly casting from your experienced Club angler. Clinics are available all summer and take place on Hole #10 at Old Greenwood, which is stocked with hungry Rainbow Trout. All ages and abilities are welcome.


More fish. Less hassle.

Our experienced guides not only know where the fish are, but they can teach you how to catch (and release) them. For seasoned sportsmen, a guide can eliminate countless hours of prospecting and offer a valuable orientation to the local fisheries. For aspiring anglers, a guide can introduce you to fly fishing’s basic skills, creating a solid foundation from which to confidently pursue the sport.

Within one hour of Tahoe Mountain Club are six state-mandated Wild Trout waters inhabited by native rainbow, brown and brook trout. Our guides are available for trips and instruction on our property or out at the local lakes and streams.


Prepare to catch (and release) some of Truckee's famous trout.


(Oncorhynchus Clarkii Henshawi) Lahontan Cutthroat is native to this area and the state fish of Nevada. Lahontan cutthroat trout can vary greatly in color. You might see a dark olive back with reddish, yellow or silvery sides; or a coppery to purple-pink body color. Also seen are the telltale red markings of cutthroats under their jaws. Many large black spots cover their bodies.


(Salmo Trutta) Brown trout can be distinguished by their brownish-yellow color and the scattered black, red, and orange spots on their sides. Typically around 12-inches long, Browns are extremely wary and are the most difficult of the trout to catch. Brown trout are stubborn fighters when hooked, but do not put on as spectacular an acrobatic show as their Rainbow cousins.


(Oncorhynchus Mykiss) Rainbows are distinguished by the presence of a pinkish to red longitudinal band, varying numbers of black spots and a frequently pink or red gill cover. Fish up to 12-inches long are common and occasionally larger specimens are taken. Rainbow trout are known as spectacular fighters and frequently jump from the water when hooked.